atomiccleaner3 Pro

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atomiccleaner3 Pro – Latest Version

Is your computer not up to speed? atomiccleaner3 cleans up any unneeded files, and can increase the speed of your PC by up to 100%, meaning your computer turns on faster, loads documents quicker and even web browser speeds increase. With regular updates too, your computer will never be slow again!

atomiccleaner3 Main Screen

atomiccleaner3 is an easy-to-use program that allows the user to perform advanced maintenance on their computer with just one single click. It’s that easy. It is 100% spyware free and will always remain that way. We do not collect any information about our customers.

atomiccleaner3 Searcher

atomiccleaner3 Pro Searcher allows you to search for empty folders, zero-length files, and duplicated files/folders this is a great way for freeing up that extra bit of space on your computer or just decluttering your machine.

atomiccleaner3 Vault

atomiccleaner3 Pro Vault after running a cleanup on your machine you can have all the files that were deleted moved to the vault where they are stored until your next cleanup for safekeeping just in case you deleted a file by accident and need it back think of the vault as your second recycle bin.

atomiccleaner3 Drive Mapper

atomiccleaner3 Pro Drive Mapper allows you to view the size of all of your folders, and even all of their subfolders. This will let you easily find what is using up all of your disk space.


atomiccleaner3 Pro offers lots of fantastic features to keep Windows running smoothly. Some of the features can be seen below.

  • Searcher.
  • Vault.
  • Drive Mapper
  • Extra Tools.
  • Advanced Cleaning Options.
  • Faster Computer.
  • Lots More To Come.

System Requirements: