atomiccleaner3 & 4 News

atomicware update

We are really happy to tell you that we have just released another update for atomiccleaner3, but this time you will notice a new icon and logo. This is our next step in giving the program a new look and feel whilst working towards the release of atomiccleaner4.

We are really looking forward to the release of atomiccleaner4 which will hopefully become available later on this year, but in the meantime, we will carry on updating and improving ac3.

As a special offer we a delighted to offer atomiccleaner3 for just £3.99. This is a limited time offer and will also give you a free upgrade to atomiccleaner4 Pro when it is released!

You may have also noticed we have been making a lot of changes and improvements to the website, but one of the biggest improvements is that we can now accept card payments through Paypal. This is something that has been requested a lot, so we have now been able to add this feature.

As always we thank everyone that has purchased a copy of atomiccleaner3. To show how much we appreciate it, we are giving all owners of atomiccleaner3 a copy of atomiccleaner4 when it becomes available!

The changes we have made in the latest atomiccleaner3 update are listed below:

List Of Changes:

  • New Icon.
  • User interface changes.
  • Minor Bug Fixes & improvements.